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Nica Junker

Berlin, Deutschland
My artistic work focus is on photography and the moving image.

Through those various backgrounds I am overall interested in combining narration into my photography and the poetry of the unspoken into my movies. Photography is an important tool to me to express new perspectives and attitudes towards the world surrounding us. My photography offers thereby possibilities to question our understanding of time and space. Time is thought as something linear, it begins and ends somewhere in the future. For me, time is to be described as a circle and it repeats. There are certain rhythms and parameters, like in music. I deal with topics of death and life, both limiting our understanding of time and realise those themes in a very abstract and poetic way. In my films and my photography I work through improvisations, coincidences and found situations as well as staging a scene and directing actors. My projects are concepts of narrations. The process is the project. My work is to understand as a search that tries to elude from a local and an artist positioning and tries to invent itself with each new project in a current fluxus.

Since my graduation as a film director in 2005 at the Filmuniversität Potsdam-Babelsberg and as a Photographer from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London in 2008 I collaborated as an artist with institutions such as the Goethe Institute Shanghai, Institute Français Cambodia and German Embassy in Tokyo. As a photographer my work was published internationally by “photo nouvelles“ France, „papersky“ Japan, „dazed and confused“ und „photoworks UK. My art projects were exhibited world wide as at the Samaritaine exhibition in Paris, Deutsche Bank Award Winner Showcase in London, Photo Phnom Penh in Cambodia or New York Photo Festival in the US to mention some amongst others. I won some awards, grants and residencies as the Deutsche Bank Award Photography London in 2008, Photo Book Award Little More Tokyo in 2009, Grants from the QuattroPole Grande règion in 2012, since then Residencies in Finland, France and Japan.

In 2014, I also have begun to realise my PhD in artistic research at the Kunstuniversität Linz.