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Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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Lynxes only take new territories if they are next to neighbouring territories of other lynxes. This fact makes the reintroduction of lynxes difficult, because lynxes need continuous and densely forested habitats to survive and to find plenty of food. Although the territories of males and females overlap, the sexes avoid each other outside the breeding season. Lynxes mark the boarders of their territories through urine spraying, claw marking, and body rubbing. During breeding season, in February and March, the loud partner-calls of lynxes can be heard from time to time. These calls are similar to the barks of roe deers. Female lynx give birth to up to four cubs after a gestation period of approximately 70 days end of May or beginning of June. Females raise the cubs without the help of males, and the cubs stay with their mother until spring next year. Afterwards, the cubs disperse and try to establish a territory of their own. Lynxes can be individually identified, as each lynx has a unique coat pattern. Currently, approximately 10 to 15 adult lynxes live in Austria.


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