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Black stork

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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The black stork is next to the white stork the only species of storks breeding in Europe. The black stork lives mostly hidden in old deciduous forests. Ponds are his ideal habitat. Likewise wet meadows belong to an optimal black stork habitat. The food is usually captured by striding in the water. The prey is not impaled, but grabbed with its beak. Larger prey animals are soft kneaded in the beak and devoured with the head first.

Species name: Black Stork
Scientific name: Ciconia nigra
Class: birds
Order: birds of passage
Family: storks
Weight: up to 3 kg
Characteristics: The plumage, except for the chest and abdomen, shimmering metallic.
Enemies: humans through hunting and habitat destruction
Life expectancy: 20 years
Mating season: April / May
Clutch: 3 eggs
Breeding period: 34 to 38 days
Food: fish, beetles, larvae, plants

Did you know that ...
black storks travel up to 16,000 km on their way to their winter quarters?


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