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Geschichte Kloster Traunkirchen
Traunkirchen, Austria
In 2020 Traunkirchen with its 3500 year old history is the venue for the anniversary "1000 years Traunkirchen Abbey".
As part of the anniversary, the long and exciting history has been prepared to bring it closer to the visitors of the exhibition "Traunkirchen Abbey through the Ages".
Drin. B.A. Elisabeth Rumpf and Mag. Reinhard Hofbauer tried to show the foundation of the Benedictine monastery, the heyday of this nunnery, the end of the female-led convent after 550 years in the Reformation, the takeover by the Societas Jesu with the aim of recatholization, the dissolution under Maria Theresa and Josef II, how the use of the monastery building in the subsequent period up to the present day in relation to the relevant historical time and development in the form of a tour.
Kloster Traunkirchen
Klosterplatz 1
4801 Traunkirchen