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Presentation tableau with Scharnsteiner scythes and sickles, around 1920
Company premises
View of Unterscharnstein: In the middle the main work and the sickle work. In the background the Gasthof Hofmühle, behind it (hidden) the Geyerhammer, around 1920
The sickle works was opened in 1897 and already employed 106 workers in 1903, when this photo was taken.
From the working world of the sickle smiths
Recruits, World War I: In August 1914, over 130 Scharnstein scythe and sickle workers were called up for military service.

Excerpt: Founding and development of the Redtenbacher scythe factory

Sensenmuseum Geyerhammer
Scharnstein, Austria
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The scythe export company “Simon Redtenbacher seel Wwe & Sons” in Kirchdorf an der Krems existed since 1661 and was represented at the most important transshipment points Kiev, Moscow, Kraków, Warsaw, Königsberg and Stettin. In the seventies of the 19th century, the Upper Austrian scythe production faced a crisis. That’s when Simon Redtenbacher entered scythe production and bought the Geyerhammer in 1881. With that, there was a profound change from the old workshops to a modern scythe and sickle industry... You will find more about this exhibition inside the museum!



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