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The Weir Wall of the Scharnstein Ruins

Theme trail "The Weir Wall of the Scharnstein Ruins"

Almtaler Bergwiesn
Scharnstein, Austria
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This dam wall or weir wall dates from the time of the Second Turkish Siege of Vienna in the 17th century and was built by the local population under the direction of the Benedictine monastery of Kremsmünster as a dam and connection to the natural barrier of the so named "Bräumauer". Stones from the surrounding area and lime were used as building materials. The closed basin behind it was intended to serve as a hiding place for the cattle and to make it difficult for the approaching Turks to get food. At that time, some of the mountain slopes were not yet forested. This would have provided sufficient grazing land for the animals. A gate was left open for this purpose, which could be bricked up quickly in an emergency after the animals had been stored - the stones were ready. For defense it was furnished with arrow slits. Fortunately, this did not happen. Sadly, the wall has been dismantled in the recent past to provide building material for the local population. It is all the more surprising that there are still enough historical remains. This dam wall is the only building of this type in Upper Austria that still exists.