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Xplore Energy goes into the next round!

27.06.2021 | PORTRAIT

The “adventure” of the climate and energy model regions in Austria has been expanded to include a further informative route: Mondseeland proudly shows its hotspots with pioneering position in the climate and energy sector - with XiBIT.


As an alternative and flexible source of information on climate & energy, Xplore Energy is a destination for families, school classes, tourists, groups and people who not only enjoy an original undertaking, but rather appreciate the additional learning value. The individual stations, which can be visited at will, inform visitors about their pioneering position directly where renewable forms of energy are produced, special examples of energy efficiency take place and/or exemplary forms of mobility are developed.

Xplore Energy - a project of the "Klima- und Energiemodellregionen"

In Austria there are 105 climate and energy model regions. The sponsored program of the Climate and Energy Fund Austria consists of united communities with a common goal: to save energy in order to protect the climate. Away from crude oil and gas - instead, clean energy generation from sun, wind, water and bioenergy from the region. They have one thing in common: the role model for other regions. The long-term vision: 100% phasing out of fossil fuels. Each KEM region is headed by a model region manager. Stefanie Mayrhauser organized as such in Mondseeland the participation of 15 stations in the information communication project Xplore Energy. The Mondseeland is thus the fourth region to take part in the project. Each station was equipped with a weatherproof A3 sign and a postcard holder with 100 postcards for free removal for use on site. Interested parties can access the respective page at XiBIT via a QR scan with the XiBIT app on the sign or on the postcard, on which an audio guide is also stored. Of course, the infoguide is also published on the XiBIT website and can therefore also be accessed via the search engine.

Key data of the KEM Mondseeland

The seven communities of the KEM Mondseeland are located in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, a scenic and historical cultural area on the northern edge of the Alps. All seven municipalities are members of the REGMO (Association for Regional Development). The Mondsee-Irrsee holiday region also developed through cooperation in regional development. The territory of the municipalities extends over an area of 181.35 km2. The population density is 95/km2.

Was gibt’s zu erleben?

The municipality of Oberhofen am Irrsee provides information about local heating, a local gardener gives an insight into its award-winning energy-saving measures, a gravel mining company shows innovative energetic solutions, an organic dairy farm sustainability in practice. Here you can find out how an elementary school, a camping area, the research institute of the University of Innsbruck or street lighting contribute to climate protection: