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Frequently Asked Questions

Do people need the XiBIT app to watch my infoguide?

Not necessarily. If infoguides or objects have the status "visible & web", you can find them via the XiBIT text search function. If infoguides and objects aren't visible for web, you have to use the XiBIT app. It combines the number recall, the QR code scan and a text search in one convenient application and is available for free at the AppStore and Playstore for downloading on iOS and Android devices.

I do not have a showroom. Can I use XiBIT anyway?

Especially if you don’t have a showroom, XiBIT is a suitable medium to present yourself and your stuff online. Create infoguides, link your homepage to your XiBIT-profile by using the XiBIT-shortlogo and invite people in social networks to watch and share.

How can or should infoguides be arranged?

In principle, an infoguide sums up individual objects, which are related to one another either locally and/or thematically. Objects can fit into several infoguides and can therefore be assigned multiple times. By entering the XiBIT-number or by scanning the QR code of an object, the visitor is automatically located in a particular infoguide, so visitors can easily step to the next related object in the exhibition. For this reason it is important to know beforehand to which infoguide to assign an object to. For example, if it's about an art exhibition in a gallery or a museum, the exposed objects can be assumed to one infoguide, so you can easily browse through the objects that are in the art infoguide using the "next"-button. If it's about presenting merchandise products, it is not recommended to assume all consolidated products into one infoguide (e.g. a show stand or an exhibition space), but to put the product family of the trading good so that customers with a specific product interest can view the related goods after recalling a product via number or QR code. Now products can be physically moved to another location without having to change the marking label. If you have a small product range it can also make sense to put all products into one single exhibition. If you labelled product packagings, the infoguide in which the object is located should be permanently available.
An infoguide at XiBIT is accompanying your local exhibition in museums, galleries, your sightseeing tour or can also show program offers or team presentations. Feel free to use it for your application.

How do I create an infoguide at XiBIT?

To create an infoguide, you need individual objects. These should be created first. Once you are logged in, click on the object list and then on the plus sign in the upper left corner to add an object. Choose a title and specify the main language of the object. Then you can fill various fields with content. If you want to make your infoguides or objects available in different languages, you must create these languages. The language selection is done directly on the object or infoguide page. Of course, you can also delete any created languages. If you add media, such as pictures, audio, videos or links, you will be asked for the media description and an alternative text. You can equip the media with a short description and alttext, which is then displayed with the respective medium in the front end. The alternative text is necessary for a barrier-free visit of your infoguide. So visually impaired can use a text-to-speech program to "watch" your infoguide and the content of your media. When you have created all objects, create an infoguide. Afterwards, you only have to assign the objects to your infoguide (infoguide page/manage objects or object page/manage infoguides) and you're ready to go. Do not forget to choose the status "visible" (visible on request via markings) or "visible & web" (visible via markings & text search) Objects.

How do I mark objects in my exhibition?

XiBIT provides number- and QR-labels for marking objects on a local exhibition. For example you can produce stickers or individual labels, which might fit your corporate design. The possibilities are virtually endless.

What should I consider when using XiBIT labels?

Unlike the use of number labels the XiBIT QR label is a bit trickier to handle because you have to pay attention to the minimum size of it, so that a sucessfull QR scan can be guaranteed. If you downloaded the QR label as an image file, mind that the QR code itself (not the entire label) has a minimum size of two and a half centimeters on stickers or product packagings. Number labels can be smaller, but also mind the font size.
In the file name of the XiBIT label you can find i.a. the object number, the object title and the title of the infoguide. If you produce stickers it’s recommendable to print the file name with the label to prevent a mix-up. Are there any objects outdoor use a weather-proof foil for labelling.

I don’t want or can’t use XiBIT labels to mark my exhibits. Can I use the XiBIT Infoguide System anyway for my exhibition?

Yes. Option 1: If you have chosen the status „web“ for your infoguide or object in the admin section, visitors can search by text on the webportal and recall your contents. Option 2: You can download a single QR code of your infoguide that links to the infoguide overview that contains all objects.

How can my infoguide at XiBIT reach many people?

You can incorporate XiBIT to your online and offline marketing activities by strategically calling your consumer’s attention to your new communication channel, which henceforward provides valuable information about your products and works. Feel free to use the XiBIT logo for your advertising activities. You can find it for download at the bottom of the website in various versions. Implement the XiBIT-shortlogo on your homepage as a link to your XiBIT-profile and use social media platforms like Facebook & Co and share your contents with your Social Community.

How can I advise the visitors of my local exhibition of XiBIT?

If you mark exhibits with XiBIT labels at local exhibitions, your visitors can find access to your contents via the shown web adress by themselves. Furthermore you can download different templates and XiBIT logo types as PDFs and image files to provide your showroom with. You find them on the bottom of the website. Fix it clearly visible for your visitors for example as a sticker onto your entrance door and on a central place of the inner area.

I’d like to use XiBIT as an infoguide system in a more private event. How can I avoid that my contents are visible for everyone via the text search and get uncontrollably spread through the internet?

In the admin section you can determine the visibility status of your contents. This reveals if contents are visible, thus only available via code entering, or furthermore enabled for the online text search. Moreover you can activate and deactivate the social sharing feature for every single object and infoguide.

What cause categories and personal tags in my infoguides and objects?

In the admin section of XiBIT you have the opportunity to assign your objects and infoguides to several fixed categories. This allows your visitors to refine their search for specific themes. Using personal tags faciliates the retrieval of your contents via the search for specific key words both in the front and the back end. Furthermore they are helpful concerning sorting and a clear list display.

How can parent and child objects be created?

To go one level deeper, you can assign a traditionally created object to another object (parent object). This means that the child object is displayed as a tab on the parent object site. So you can display several "sub-objects" per object. However, this function is only available in connection with the premium account. To activate a premium account, please contact us personally at!

Is it possible to recall data from XiBIT via NFC or iBeacons?

If you want to do a project like this, please contact us personally.
As an alternative to the XiBIT number and QR labels you can enable your contents for the XiBIT online search. Therefore visitors can recall your contents any time without labels.

Shall I provide a wireless network for the visitors of my local exhibition?

Make your visitor’s stay as pleasent as possible: to help saving visitor’s costs because of recalling data from the internet at your local exhibition, the installation of a wireless visitor network would be recommendable, especially if you have foreign company.

Can I use XiBIT for free as infoguide system in my exhibition?

Yes. If you register with XiBIT you can create as many infoguides and objects as you want for free.

How can I delete my XiBIT-Account?

If you like to delete your account, send an email with your registered emailaddress and the subject "Delete Account" to The termination authorizes XiBIT to delete all data of the client without claim for compensation.

With wich devices can I recall information from XiBIT?

You can comfortably recall contents from XiBIT either by using the free Android or iOS App on a mobile device or through a web browser.

Does recalling data from XiBIT need storage space on my device?

No. There are no downloads at XiBIT at all, therefore storage space on your device is reserved for your personal things. Contents just get recalled or streamed from a server and will be displayed on your device.

Does recalling information from XiBIT cause any costs?

Generally surfing the web incur costs. You don’t have to worry about if you have an internet flatrate. Otherwise, costs depend on the tariff of your internet service provider. If you find yourself at an event where a wireless lan network is provided for visitors, then choose this one.

Do I have to register with XiBIT, if I want to view the contents of an XiBIT infoguide?

No. If you enter the XiBIT numeral code of an object into the XiBIT search field or scan the QR code with the QR code scanner of the XiBIT app or any ordinary QR code scanner, you instantly get any information of the object. If objects and infoguides are enabled for text retrieval by the exhibitor, you can search for them by names and tags.

Do I have to pay for watching an XiBIT exhibition?


In which countries can I use XiBIT?

Basically with XiBIT you can watch exhibitions from all over the world. Right now XiBIT is optimized for the use in Europe.

In which languages can I recall content of XiBIT?

The exhibitor decides which languages of objects and exhibitions are provided. In the XiBIT app you can set your preferred retrieval language. If the language you prefer isn’t available, the content will be shown in the language of the operating system of the recalling device. Furthermore you can choose between the available languages.

What types of contents can I retrieve with XiBIT?

Thematically infoguides and objects can be of different types, because everyone can expose at XiBIT and describe objects via images, text, audio, videos & links and many more.