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Submission: Digital Transformation

15.03.2023 | XPLICIT

The submission period for the "Digital Transformation" funding from the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service & Sport starts today!

Do you have a project in mind that deals with digital cultural mediation? Now you can have your project funded! Below you will find the official funding description according to the BMKÖS website:

Funding: Digital Transformation

Austrian art and culture institutions and artists should be supported in further developing and making greater use of the digital transformation in the art and culture sector through technological innovations.

Target groups/participants

art and cultural institutions with their own legal personality and natural persons (artists and cultural workers)


Supporting art and cultural institutions in the digital transformation:

  • Creation of digitization strategies in cultural heritage institutions
  • Development of training and further education offers for digital skills in cultural heritage institutions
  • Encouraging the development of usage scenarios for new concepts of publishing and presenting cultural heritage
  • Development of digital mediation activities (e.g. user-centric interface and web design, gamification, multimodal storytelling, augmented and virtual reality, etc.)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Innovative dimension
  • Comprehensible project description
  • Projects must be sustainable / subsequent use (in terms of content and financially); Protection against possible follow-up costs after the project period
  • Consider any existing technical data standards / interfaces
  • Make accessible/usable to the public (Open Access)

Excluded: Projects used for an institution's digital marketing (blogs, podcasts, interviews, social media…).

Funding amount: max. EUR 30,000

Applicants for funding must make a financial or material contribution based on their economic ability.

Allocation mode: jury

Next submission opportunity

Submission period: March 15 – May 15, 2023

Submission modality

Please note the submission deadlines: Applications must be submitted no later than 3 months before the start of the project. From now on, submissions of funding applications will only be accepted via the online tool.

The application must be submitted in German: application form

Required Supplements

  • Exact description of the projects and activities
  • Breakdown of the total costs including a detailed cost calculation and the desired time for the payment of the subsidy
  • Schedule of the project or project progress
  • Association statutes, extracts from the commercial register, current extracts from the register of associations, etc.
  • Details of the persons authorized and responsible for the implementation of the project
  • List of public subsidies (EU, federal, state and local) in the last five years

Legal basis

The Federal Art Funding Act applies to funding/projects.


Subsidity settlement

Tax law information

Non-binding consultation appointment

If you have a project in mind about which you would like to convey information digitally - also with gamification - please contact us without obligation!

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