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04.05.2023 | XPLICIT

We have set up a Paypal donation function on!

Donations are a great support for start-ups, which put every cent they earn back into the product. So people who like what we do can help us to develop faster. In general, there is a lot going on in the digital field and the speed at which technology is advancing is getting faster and faster. We also have so many functions on the screen that we would like to implement. A lot of money flows into it - a bottomless pit, so to speak. But we keep at it, because paths are made by walking them. We are excited about this new opportunity!

How to donate:
The link button on the website at the top right or right below this paragraph leads to the donation page set up at PayPal. There you can choose between a one-time and regular donation.

Donate with PayPal!


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