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The Historicum Scharnstein

20.12.2023 | PORTRAIT

Experience history live in Scharnstein!

Just in time for the start of the Capital of Culture 2024, Scharnstein is presenting its historical delicacies digitally - with XiBIT!
In addition to huge natural backdrops such as the Almsee, which has always been a tourist magnet, or the Kasberg family ski area, the Almtal tourist region also has a lot to offer culturally. Thematic areas include industrial culture, hunting and forestry, nativity scene art, ruin flair, criminal history and castle life.

Stefan Schimpl, deputy Managing director of the Traunsee-Almtal tourism region took on the topic of making the cultural assets in Scharnstein visible and commissioned us to create the infoguide "The Historicum Scharnstein". “We locals obviously know our history, but people who come to visit the Almtal need to have information presented in an accessible and well-prepared way,” says Stefan. And we think so too.

The bilingual digital infoguide consists of four stations in German and English: The Almtal Forest School, the Viechtwanger Nativity Scene, Scharnstein Castle and the Crime and Gendarmerie Museum in Scharnstein Castle. The Scharnstein Ruins and the Geyerhammer Scythe Museum were previously equipped with their own infoguides, which can be accessed via the XiBIT profile page of the Historicum Scharnstein, but here the language English was added. Each station was equipped with an information sign on site, using the XiBIT QR labels to access the digital information. The infoguide is also published on the XiBIT platform and can therefore also be accessed using the search function.

The German audioguide versions were spoken by the object holders themselves in the XiBIT recording studio, and the Native American voice Kelly Wagner lends her voice to the English versions. Many thanks at this point to Kelly, who probably had to do most of the work.

And this is what the main information sign looks like, placed in a central location:

Kelly Wagner in the studio for the English audioguide
With tireless commitment, Kelly spoke the English part of the audio recordings for the infoguide "The Historicum Scharnstein", but also all English translations of the infoguide for the Scharnstein Ruins and the Geyerhammer Scythe Museum. Ugh... and yet, in addition to her American language skills, she always gave us a smile. Thanks for that!