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Brown Bear

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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Brown bears are highly intelligent. Researchers found that brown bears under human care were able to arrange inanimate objects to obtain a food reward. With this ability, brown bears are among a few species of animals proven to be capable of tool-use. The observed brown bears showed individual differences in their tool preferences and techniques. These individual differences in behaviour are one possible explanation for so-called problem bears. Problem bears approach human settlements and cause damage in search of food. With this problem behaviour, brown bears could become potentially dangerous for humans due to the loss of natural shyness. Investigations show that mainly young brown bears search for food near human settlements, but not because they are starving. Supposedly, they are displaced by older and stronger brown bears. Additionally, young brown bears are naïve, they lack the experience needed to avoid humans,
Fischerau 12
4645 Grünau