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Przewalski's horse

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
  1719 Visits
Przewalski’s horses are the only true wild horses that survived in their wild form. This was only possible because zoos coordinated the breeding of the last remaining individuals under human care. This facilitated the breeding of unrelated Przewalski’s horses, which later formed the founding group that was reintroduced into the wild. Due to this breeding program, the horses had a high genetic diversity, which enabled them to adapt to life in their natural habitat.
Today, Przewalski’s horses not only live in their native habitat, but they are also often used as landscape managers. The horses’ grazing activity prevents the encroachment of large areas. In the Nationalpark Lake Neusiedl, Przewalski’s horses help save and maintain the salty marshes because they feed on reed. Without their help, the reed would spread and overrun the salty marsh. With this, Przewalski’s horses help preserve the habitat of various animal and plant species.