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Pine marten

Pine marten

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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The pine marten is a loner, which avoids the stone marten and hardly intrudes into settlements. It catches it’s prey in the treetops. The pine marten has a larger number of sleeping places. It finds shelter in crows nests, birds of prey, woodpecker caves and hollow trees.

Type name: Pine Marten
Scientific name: Martes martes
Class: Mammals
Order: predator
Family: Marten
Characteristics: Slender body, maroon bellows with yellow undercoat and yellowish brown throat, pointed ears with a bright edge
Lifetime: up to 10 years
Enemies: Fox, Eagle Owl, Golden Eagle, Hawk, Wildcat
Mating season: summer Litter
size: 2-5 puppies
Carrying time: 8 months with no / embryonic rest in winter.
Actual wearing time only one month
Food: squirrels, mice, birds, small animals, freshly set fawns, fruits, food depots for the winter
Fischerau 12
4645 Grünau