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Tawny owl

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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The tawny owl inhabits richly structured landscapes with good food supply. His way to hunt is the search flight and the Anwarten. Occasionally he becomes a predator and a fisherman. He has a wingspan of about 1 m. The Tawny Owl lives in monogamous permanent marriage and is up to date. He breeds preferably in tree caves. The Reviergesang of the males is a gruesome "huu-huhuhu-huu". This often happens in movies to create scary mood or tension.

Species name: Tawny owl
Scientific name: Strix aluco
Class: birds
Order: owls
Family: Real owls
Weight: females approx. 560 g, males approx. 440 g
Features: 3 color variants (brown, rust-red and gray), large round head with black eyes
Lifetime: about 20 years
Enemies: eagle owl, hawk, marten
Breeding season: March Scrub: 3 - 5 eggs
Breeding time: about 30 days
Food: birds, frogs, toads, cottontails

Did you know, that ...
the tawny owl is the most common owl species in Europe?