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Carrion crow

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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This small and very sociable raven bird is completely black. The carrion crow is a songbird species from the corvidae family. It inhabits warm to cold Eurasien from the northern edge of the Mediterranean to the Pacific and occurs in all open to semi-open habitats with trees. While carrion crows live mostly in swarms as young and unpaired animals, breeding pairs build territories that actively defend them against their fellow species. Their nests usually build the species in the crown of tall trees.

Species name: carrion crow
Scientific name: corvus corone
Class: birds
Order: songbirds
Family: ravens
Weight: approx. 700 g
Characteristics: body length from 45 to 47 cm, wingspan from 93 to 104 cm, curved and strong beak
LIfe expectancy: over 10 years possible
Enemies: birds of prey, stray cats, etc.
Breeding season: April / May
Scrub: up to 6 eggs
Breeding time: approx. 22 days
Food: Insects, seeds, worms, occasionally hunt small animals

Did you know, that ...
the carrion crow can also be feathered in black and gray?