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Snowy owl

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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The Snowy Owl is a hunter, which unlike most other species of owls, is also active during the day and at dusk. The dense feathers on the feet are used for thermal insulation and prevents the owl from sinking into the snow. She builds soil nests for her brood. With the first oviposition, the moult also occurs at the female (Latin: mutare "change", "swap" - describes the regular dropping off and the new growth of the feathers), which is why it is supplied by the male at this time. Fully fledged hatchlings are led and fed by their parents for three months.

Species name: snow owl
Scientific name: Nyctea scandiaca
Class: birds
Order: owls
Family: real owls
Weight: about 2.5 kg
Characteristics: Adult male pure white, female and boy with black band, big head with golden eyes
Life expectancy: approx. 9 - 15 years
Enemies: Fox, barely natural enemies
Breeding season: March / April
Clutch: 7 - 9 eggs
Breeding period: 34 days
Food: Small mammals such as mice but also lemmings, hare hares, fish and insects