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Fallow deer

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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The fallow deer is an immigrant who was originally from Asia and got native to Europe about 2000 years ago. Characteristic of the fallow deer is that it presents its white mirror and the high-stretched tail with the white underside.

Species name: European fallow deer
Scientific name: Cervus dama
Class: Mammals
Order: Cloven Hoofed Animal
Family: deer
Weight: max. 120 kg
Characteristics: coat often spotted in summer, also white and black coloring possible, in winter gray-brown, scoop-like antlers on deer
Life expectancy: approx. 25 years
Enemies: Wolf, red fox, birds of prey
Rutting: September/October
Litter size: 1 - 2 calves
Gestation period: 33 weeks
Food: grasses, herbs, leaves and fruits

Did you know, that ...
the "signal mirror" helps to keep the pack together, because the pack members follow the mirror of the conspecifics?
Fischerau 12
4645 Grünau