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Stable of Bethlehem, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Shepherds and sheep, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Scharnstein Castle, gold bonnet women; photo: Raphaela Gratzer
The Three Magi, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
"Heumandln" hay men, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Return from alpine pasture, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Apple peasant woman, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
"Vergeltsgottmanderl" money collecting man in church, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
The Scharnstein Ruins, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Bird catcher, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Fishwifes, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Bird tree, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
The couple Hageneder als figures, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
The view towards the Almtal, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
Total view of the Viechtwanger house nativity scene, photo: Raphaela Gratzer
The real couple Hageneder, photo: Raphaela Gratzer

Viechtwanger home nativity scene

Maria und Martin Hageneder

The Historicum Scharnstein

Das Historicum Scharnstein
Scharnstein, Austria
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“Gemma Krüppö schaun” (Let’s have a look at the traditional nativity scene)
The Viechtwanger house nativity scene is a beautiful example of the old custom of landscape nativity scenes. On seven square meters in the house of Martin and Maria Hageneder at Birihub 8 in Viechtwang there are several hundred hand-carved figures depicting the most important biblical events, from the annunciation of the angel to the search for a shelter, the birth of Jesus, the Epiphany procession to the flight to Egypt, which have been traditionally and imaginatively integrated into the local landscape. The biblical scenes, framed by Mediterranean palm trees, are fancifully and artistically embedded in the landscape of the Almtal in front of the the backdrop of the Dead Mountains, and can be viewed on site during the Christmas season. You can immediately see that it is our beautiful homeland with its sights such as the Scharnstein Ruins and the Scharnstein Castle, the Viechtwanger Church and also the house of Maria and Martin Hageneder and their parents' houses. Since its creation in 1998, the Viechtwanger nativity scene has been characterized by a large number of figures, which are called “Bring- and Wegmandl”. The group of self-made figures by Maria and Martin ranges from the “Lampöfanga”, the “Apfelbrocka” to the “Beinvogltraga” or the “Wunaling Neighbors”, the “Trüfömauna” or the “Vergelt’s Gott Mandln”. Some family members of the carver family are also represented in this beautiful landscape nativity scene. Every year a new figure or ensemble of figures is added. Some figures are movable and show local crafts, the farmers harvesting, the lumberjacks working on wood or working in the fields. The ancient customs can also be seen through the “Glöcklerpass”, the hunters and musicians or the gold-hooded women in the nativity scene. When it gets dark outside and the windows of the nativity scene light up, you are enchanted and a very special atmosphere spreads throughout the room. Over the many years, a work of craftsmanship has been created that can be viewed between Stephani and Maria Candlemas from December 26th to February 2nd on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. or by telephone arrangement.

Birihub 8
4644 Scharnstein