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Bell tower of the Wagner Chapel

The Wagner Chapel

Das Historicum Scharnstein
Scharnstein, Austria
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The Wagner Chapel is an impressive religious monument at the foot of the Bräumauer. It lies raised above the valley floor on the step path to the castle ruins and was built in the second half of the 19th century. The particularly exposed, romantic location of the chapel is due to the fact that the medieval dam wall was opened to allow a narrow passage between the natural rock and stone masonry. The painting on the facade is a Pietà fresco, a Virgin with the body of her son Jesus, from the period after the Second World War. The stucco on the ceiling and hollow wedges were added during a renovation in 1980. The following legend about the origin of the Wagner chapel and the wayside cross is: When a former owner of the Wagner House was collecting wood, she found a cross, which she took home. The next day she wanted to look at the cross again, but it was no longer there. She found it in the same spot where it had been the day before. After this strange event, she decided to build this chapel with the help of various patrons. After a bell was donated by a countess to ask for good luck and blessings for her children, the bell tower was built. The wayside cross was erected a few decades later by an old hunter - he was called the "Hunter Naz" - as atonement: He shot a poacher in another area when he was young, something he regretted all his life.