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Use the next few weeks sensibly & digitize exhibitions

16.03.2020 | XPLICIT

Let us emerge stronger from the "viral" crisis by using the unforeseen free time to maintain and prepare content.


A nasty virus has shown us how fast it can go if we are affected by extraordinary influences. The system of the state is taking effect, and the government is communicating en masse specifications to which we must abide in order to contain the virus. Who would have thought that within a few days, all operations would be cut back and people would stay away from the streets and thus from all showrooms? Let us emerge stronger from the "viral" crisis by using the unforeseen free time to maintain and prepare content.

At the end of the day, we hope that we will all get through this well and that we will not suffer any health or gross economic damage. Hoping is not the only thing we can do in the next few weeks. The recommendations on the part of the associations clearly are "do what you otherwise don't get, which is normally postponed". An excellent opportunity to process the archives, clean databases and to create a digital infoguide with XiBIT and add value.


In 6 stages to the digital visitor information system:

1) Organize the exhibition/inventory thematically or spatially in groups (infoguide) and determine individual objects/topics that you would like to show or thematize

2) Think about whether one infoguide is sufficient for the entire exhibition or whether more is needed (how big is my house/range?)

3) Create and assign infoguides and objects in the admin area by name

4) Prepare at least photos and texts on the objects/topics

5) Fill the object and infoguide pages with the content and select visibility status

6) Print a signage with a QR code and attach it on site (see print templates in the download area)


If you already have good photos and texts of your objects/topics, you will be happy to hear that the creation of your infoguide will be done quickly. If you shine through the lack of good media content, now is the time to change that.


You can find further help on the XiBIT blog

Often the only thing missing is the technical self-confidence needed to prepare content appropriately. You can find several articles with tips on this topic in our blog.