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Common raven

Cumberland Wildpark Grünau
Grünau, Austria
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Compared to the also black carrion crow, the common raven with a wing span of about 1 m is much larger. Even the stronger beak is a distinguishing feature. Ravens colonize the entire Alpine region and increasingly spread from the north over Central Europe. Because of their cleverness, ravens are very adaptable and populate the same habitats as humans and wolves. They were as important in the spirituality of many peoples as the wolf. At the Konrad Lorenz Research Center, the coexistence and mental performance of the ravens has been explored for many years.

Species name: raven
Scientific name: corvus corax
Class: birds
Order: songbirds
Family: ravens
Weight: approx. 1000 - 1600 g
Characteristics: very large, pure black raven bird with powerful beak Lifetime: over 40 years possible
Enemies: eagle owl and human
Breeding season: end of February
Clutch: up to 8 eggs
Breeding time: approx. 24 days
Food: self-chased small animals, carrion, fruits, leftovers

Did you know, that ...
ravens are the biggest songbirds?