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Das Historicum Scharnstein
Scharnstein, Austria
With the Historicum Scharnstein, we’d like to invite you to immerse yourself in the stirring history of Scharnstein. Experience exciting insights into the industrial culture of bygone times at the Geyerhammer Scythe Museumx explore the world of hunting and forestry in the Forest School Almtal Valley and discover the forest with all senses. Be a guest in the state rooms of the magnificent Renaissance castle and in the crime museum of Scharnstein and enjoy the wonderful nature of the Almtal during a hike to the Ruins of Scharnstein through the Tießenbachtal to admire the historic walls, which tell stories about the former life. In winter, you can take a look at the lovingly, detailed Viechtwanger house nativity scene of the Hageneder family. You'll get an authentic and well-founded insight into the touching history of everyday life in the beautiful Almtal. Join the journey through time to the woodcutters and scythe smiths, to the "Black Counts" and Jörgers and to all those who have written the history of Scharnstein.